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FDA Registered KN95 Masks and 3-Ply Masks at the Lowest Prices

We are an American family owned company located in Los Angeles, CA.  We offer FDA registered KN95 and 3-Ply masks at the lowest prices.  Our masks are fantastic and give you the absolute best protection you can buy without being a first responder.  Our motto is simple: “Quality protection should not cost a lot of money.”

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Imported from Canada, our FFP2 Premium KN95 masks are manufactured to the highest standards, are registered with the Food and Drug Administration with a performance standard equivalent to most N95 masks.

Our 3-Ply Procedural masks are made of a soft non-woven material and the middle layer is made of a special melt-blown fabric for three layers of protection.  Ideal for outdoor activities like jogging, hiking and walking.

Need Help Choosing the Right Mask?

Feel free to send us an email or open a chat window at the bottom of this screen.  We’re available from 7AM – 7PM every day.

Choosing the right mask can be a bit overwhelming.  Especially when you’re shopping for loved ones that are in a higher risk demographic.  That’s why we only stock the highest quality masks.

  • Our Premium KN95 masks are a great choice for loved ones that are in a higher risk category: elderly, individuals with prior medical issues, etc.  These are the masks I provide for my elderly parents and they are fantastic.
  • Our 3-Ply Procedural masks are great for outdoor activities like sports, walking, hiking, etc.  These are the blue surgical style masks you see everyone wearing.  They’re light weight and easily fold into your pocket.  I keep a few in my glove box just in case.  They offer great protection for a few hours.

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