KN95 Mask, Covid-19, Corona Virus
KN95 Mask, Covid-19, Corona Virus
KN95 Mask, Covid-19, Corona Virus

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ADDRESS: 21250 Califa St. Suite 108 Woodland Hills, CA 91367, Quality Masks at Wholesale Prices, KN95, 3-ply masks. COVID-19. Corona Virus Protection
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"This is my second order. Very pleased. Your prices are great." - Alicia M. 8/19/20

"Bought these for my restaurant staff. They last several days and look professional. Staff loves them. Thanks for the quick shipping." - Ronna T. 8/16/20

"Bought these to share with my parents, who are in their 70s. Feel very confident that these will protect them." - Shiela B. 8/1/20

"Same day delivery! So impressed. Thank you!" - Anita P. 8/6/20

"...super comfortable!" -Dave M. 7/29/20

Customer Reviews

"Fits my tween and teenager. Good quality." - Carly T. 8/19/20

"I use these while I go running. Very light weight" - Amber H. 8/17/20

"Purchased several packs for our members. Keeps everyone in the gym happy and no drama." - Josh B. 8/4/20

"Ordered these at 9:00 AM. You delivered by lunch! Soooo fast!" - Meagan W. 8/2/20

"Best prices on these. Even better than Walmart!" -Chris W. 7/25/20

Customer Reviews