Genuine KN95 Masks at Wholesale Prices

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters the second wave, millions of Americans are faced with a choice:  Do I invest in my health and well being or do I take my chances?  It seems like like any reasonable person would invest in their health and well being.   As the pandemic continues, the raw materials to produce high quality masks have become scarce, forcing individuals to improvise in order to stay compliant with the local regulations regarding face masks in public.  In comparison to what the average person is wearing; a bandana, a homemade mask, or a surgical mask, our KN95 masks offer up to ten times the protection., KN95 masks, COVID-19, Corona Virus Protection

A homemade scarf mask offers very little protection

A homemade bandana mask (pictured) offers only a thin barrier against large droplets of saliva, mucus and other organic projectiles.  Vapors pass easily through the bandana and are inhaled quickly by the user.  Furthermore, the wearer can easily transmit viruses like COVID-19 though the material to anyone within the infection zone, which is typically up to 15 ft. indoors and 6 ft. outdoors., KN95 masks, COVID-19, Corona Virus Protection

Surgical style masks are single use

Surgical masks (pictured) offer the next level of protection but suffer from a very short life span.  Surgical masks are intended for single use applications and are not recommended to be worn more than once.  An average person can go through 3 – 4 masks per day.  This means that a large number of masks must be purchased in order to stay protected from COVID-19.  At an average cost of $.080 per mask, this is a cost of $3.20 per day.

A Genuine KN95 Masks – Five Layers of Protection

When looking at the previous options, it’s easy to conclude that wearing a genuine KN95 mask is the easiest and most economical way to stay protected from the Corona Virus.  Our genuine KN95 masks are registered with the FDA and offer the wearer the best protection against the Corona Virus.

KN95 Mask, Covid-19, Corona Virus

Hart 2 Hart – Genuine KN95 Masks

If the previous mask options are so limited in their level of protection, then why are KN95 masks so much better?  The answer is a bit complicated but continue reading and it will all make sense.

For starters, it has to do the quality of the filtering layers.  Our masks have five separate filtering layers.  Each of these layers perform a unique function of the mask.  Layer one: non-woven layer designed to filter out large particles like dust and debris.  Layer two: meltblown cloth is fine enough to filter out 94% of all viruses.  Layer three: Anti-bacterial non-woven fabric designed to filter down to p2.5 particulates of bacteria.  Layer four: Non-woven layer for enhanced filtration of particulates down to .03 microns.  Layer five: Skin friendly non-woven layer for comfort against your face.  This inside layer is why our customers say our KN95 masks are the most comfortable masks they’ve worn but more on that later.

Genuine KN95 Masks – The Best Masks at the Best Price

Next to performance the most important factor to consider when purchasing a mask is the price.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have committed to offering the finest KN95 masks at the best prices.  Simply put, we don’t price gouge.  We price our masks well below market price., KN95 masks, COVID-19, Corona Virus Protection

Masks offered at big box stores are over priced and inferior in quality to Hart 2 Hart Genuine KN95 masks.

We feel that staying healthy should not mean paying high prices.  At $2.95 per mask (sold in packs of 10) we are on average 30 – 40% lower than any of  the inferior masks being sold on line.  Research has shown us that even big retail box stores are selling inferior masks for $5.00 a piece.

Looking for even bigger savings?  Buy our KN95 masks in bulk and save big.  To place an order for large quantities of KN95 masks (500 or more) please contact us and we’ll be happy to compile a custom quote for you.  Many of our customers have purchased masks as a charitable donation to the 501c organization of there choosing.  We’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed receipt for your tax records.

Genuine KN95 Masks – Registered with the Food and Drug Adminsitration

Our KN95 masks are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA).  This is important because it represents the authenticity of the mask and the standards of testing used when manufacturing the masks.  A large percentage of KN95 masks being sold are not registered with the FDA and do not meet testing standards., KN95 masks, COVID-19, Corona Virus Protection, our KN95 masks are registered with the Food and Drug Administration

Our masks conform to the international GB2626-2006 performance standard which maintains the masks are rated to filter 95% of all particulates down to at least >0.3 microns.  This standard is the international equivalent of the American NIOSH-42CFR84 standard as seen in a side by side comparison by 3M.  The KN95 masks of this quality are a suitable alternative to the American n95 mask.

With the extreme shortage of raw materials required to manufacture genuine KN95 masks, we went to great lengths to partner with reputable manufacturers in order to offer face masks that exceed our customers expectations.

Genuine KN95 Masks – The Most Comfortable Mask You’ll Wear

When it comes to evaluating a mask’s performance, the most important factor is whether or not you’re wearing the mask.  This may seem a bit elementary at first but think about it.  If the mask you own isn’t comfortable or smells, chances are you won’t wear it.  If you’re not wearing your mask, you’re vulnerable to infection.  This problem is easily solved with our genuine KN95 masks.  These are simply the most comfortable, highest performing masks you can buy.

KN95 Mask, Covid-19, Corona Virus

Hart 2 Hart – KN95 Mask, the most comfortable mask available

A recent customer of ours raved about the comfort and fit of our masks:

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have purchased some of your masks.  The fit is wonderful and so comfortable.  Finally!  I can breathe!”

– Janet A. 6/5/20

The mask slip over your face easily.  A small reinforced nose piece conforms to the contour of your nose making a perfect seal.  Unlike bulky hand made or clumsy surgical masks, our KN95 masks are light weight and make breathing effortless.

The design of our KN95 masks makes storing them easy.  They fold up and fit nicely in a pocket, a bag, the glove box or other small storage areas that bulkier masks can’t fit.  Not only is the performance superior but so is the design.