Double Mask Bundle, 120 Count ($187.20)


Double masking is a viable option for increased protection.


Looking for the absolute best protection?  Double masking has been endorsed by medical professionals as a viable option to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci told NBC’s “Today” last week that double masking “just makes common sense.”

Now you can purchase a 120 count bundle of our best KN95 and 3-Ply Procedural masks at significant savings.  Our Premium KN95 masks conform to the European FFP2 standard and are the best protection you can get without being a first responder.  They’re so good, the NBA just made them mandatory for the league.

Normally, purchasing (120) Premium KN95 and 3-Ply masks would cost $193 but now they are on sale for just $187.20

Bundle includes:

  • (120) Premium KN95 masks ($1.32 each)
  • (120) 3-Ply Procedural masks. ($0.24 each)